RAPTOR - Tough Protective Coatings


Here at Douglass Motors Ltd, we offer the Raptor service across both of our sites, Dorset and Warwickshire.

From the point at which your vehicles chassis is ready to be coated we:

  • Steam clean the underside
  • Wheels Off
  • Mask the body, hubs and brakes
  • Paint the chassis, underside and axles
  • Paint the rear crossmember with a finer spray

Please note the pre treatment underside preparation will be quoted on an individual vehicle basis and is not included in the raptor coating prices.



CUSTOMISABLE May be tinted using automotive basecoat to match any colour. Available in black and tintable versions.

DURABLE Provides tough mechanical damage and stain resistant surface. Protects against rust, corrosion and extreme temperatures.  

UV RESISTANT Delivers the highest level of fade protection.

WATERPROOF Provides a water tight seal, keeping moisture out and eliminating the chance for rust.

SOUND DEADENER Very high flexibility. Reduces noise and vibrations. High coverage up to 12 m² per kit.

RESISTANT Resistant against fuels, hydraulic oils, animal urine, salt water and more.

QUICK & EASY TO USE Easy as Fill-Shake-Shoot. Dries quickly. Can be applied with excellent adhesion across many substrates including metal, concrete, timber, plastic, vinyl and fibreglass. Can be applied with: Schultz Gun, HVLP Gun, roller or brush. Easy to clean.

Prices for Our service start from:

  • Land Rover Defender 90 - £657
  • Land Rover 110/ D2/ RR - £756

Self spraying packs for:

Load beds starting from £99


1. As a Bed Liner, of course!

2. Automotive Undercoating – especially with ground up restoration

3. Total Body Protection!

4. Running Boards

5. Body Panels

6. Trunk Interior

7. SUV Floors

8. Running Boards

9. Wheel Arches

10. Land Rover and 4x4 Tubs


Add hardener to level “a” (250ml 3:1 ratio). For the tintable version, add tint to level “b” (no more than 10%).

Shake for two minutes. For the tintable version, check the colour after mixing.

Attach to Shultz Gun and Spray!


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